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Happy Reala Day 2017! :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 2 0 Rodela (Creator Pi) from Engelbaum :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 1 0 Astrima cosplaying Harley Quinn :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 1 0 Astrima the Panda Girl :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 2 0 The Young Magic Heroes Project Coverart :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 15 2 Happy Birthday TRiPPY! :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 2 0 Christmas NiGHTS :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 1 0 'HER' by @Dream_Forever :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 1 0 Merry Christmas Ayumi! :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 0 0 Rain :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 5 0 To Catch The Moon :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 3 2 NiGHTS aka Stella X Red Kiss Scene :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 3 0 Pink female Flowey XD (Reupload) :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 2 7 Shana the Flame Haze :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 3 2 Happy Birthday Kimura-U! :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 0 0 Senanan on Kawaii Pateen 2 :iconanni-chan97:Anni-Chan97 0 0


Malice x Lily - Hug :iconmonoshuga:MonoShuga 21 2 NiGHTS + Reala- Holiday Feelin :iconminxy:minxy 34 34 NiGHTS PARTY SUMMER AHHHHH :iconminxy:minxy 34 11 Trifong and NiGHTS :iconmayurasan:Mayurasan 13 8 Facial Done! :iconeleganttwilight:ElegantTwilight 3 1 Chilla Girl :iconchosenvowels:ChosenVowels 120 4 Onigiri chibis :iconchosenvowels:ChosenVowels 108 6 BananaCrumble Chibi :iconchosenvowels:ChosenVowels 98 5 Sonic 25! :icondp-draws-stuff:DP-draws-stuff 13 3 Dream candy (v2) :icondp-draws-stuff:DP-draws-stuff 5 5 Reala Day! :icondp-draws-stuff:DP-draws-stuff 49 29 Maresukes Mepian Comic 01 :iconsonicgirl11:sonicgirl11 23 12 UV NiGHTS-alla luce del sole :iconsonicgirl11:sonicgirl11 20 21 Discord Updated :iconkianite:Kianite 64 4 Chibi NiGHTS doll :icontiger-aka-tila-:Tiger-aka-Tila- 66 6 NiGHTS: From Then to Now :icontigerbaby27-0:TigerBaby27-0 142 85


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Happy Reala Day 2017!
This is my portrait of Reala from Sonic Teams NiGHTS into Dreams...
for April Fools Day aka Reala Day.

I've finished it 8 minutes before april fools ended in midnight. This is why it's good, that other time zones exist, so in some zones, I was just in time lol.

Hope you guyes like it :D

P.S. there's an easter egg, very badly hidden XD

Worked with Pokémon Art Academy and Clip Studio Paint.
Rodela (Creator Pi) from Engelbaum
This is another Engelbaum fanart (the third one in this month, oh boy!).
This time it's Rodela's turn, with curls from hell and incredibly short legs! ^_^ The outfit was designed by myself. I wanted to give her that "old-fashioned" look, which suits her just perfect in my opinion. I chose the color pastel-purple because PURPLE IS MY MOST FAVORITE COLOR OF ALL TIME!

Hope you guys like it :)

Rodela and Engelbaum belongs to Lynne Triplett

I appreciate any kind of feedback,
positive and negative ;)
Astrima cosplaying Harley Quinn
Another fanart of Astrima. I gotta say, that she really fascinates me, and I can't tell what it is. Is it the lack of actual information about her? Or is it her look? But well, there is something I know, that Astrima is the best in cosplaying Harley Quinn. I mean look at her: She looks almost like the original, even without putting theatre make up on! XD
Okey, she could have put blue circle lenses, but who cares?

Hope you enjoy this picture ;)

Astrima, Engelbaum ©Lynne Triplett
Harley Quinn, Batman © DC Universe
Astrima the Panda Girl
My very first fanart of Astrima from Engelbaum. I just realized, that she has panda-like eyes, so I got the idea to draw her in a panda hoodie.

Hope you like it :)

Astrima, Engelbaum ©Lynne Triplett

embedded_item1485559732496 by Anni-Chan97
The Young Magic Heroes Project Coverart
This is the coverart for my whole fanfiction-project I'm working on since I got the ability of thinking and creating. Of course it wasn't the way it is now back then, but my stories and artworks evolved over time. Mabye it'll evolve even more, who knows :)

In my fanfiction I write about different protagonists from different universes (mostly anime and videogames), living the superhero life with pseudonyms, hero suits and special abilities, so they are not mine. It's not called a fanfiction for no reason ;) I use everything fictional as toys. It's like you bye dolls with a dollhouse and play with them, make up your own sories etc. This is what I do! There also some OC's, but not much.

I only do this project JUST FOR FUN! NOT FOR BUISNESS! It's a hobby for me ;)

I used Sonic, Miku Hatsune and Pikachu on the very front at the middle, because they were used as mascots alot in their serieses, so I'm gonna do this for my fanfic aswell, 'cause reason (you don't need to understand this). Underneath them is an OC I created called Melissa Gemstone aka Miss Magic, a teenage human girl, who can use magic with her special wand. She's the main character of my Disney fanfiction. More infos coming soon ;). Above them is NiGHTS (with her sweet ass!) from Sonic Team. In my fanfic, I consider NiGHTS as a she and she has a different name and also a civil identity. Her civil name is Stella and her superhero pseudonym is Star Dream (fits, right?). Sometimes I change the name of the characters and their pseudonyms, also add characteristics from other characters in one, just I want you to know.

Above left:
Gold Daysun aka Cure Sunny from Smile Pre Cure and White Pegasus aka Hana-chan (in my fanfic her name is Nashiro) from Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan (mighty guardians of light)
Underneath: Sailor Mercury (Wisdom) from Sailor Moon, Flora Bloom (Earth) and Flame Catcher (Fire).

Above middle:
Imagni aka U.V. NiGHTS from Engelbaum (she is the spiritual moral support in my fanfiction - used to be alive). She has tears of joy for these many heroes keeping the "beautiful world" save. I also have drawn her holding the fruit of life (a normal apple XD), which symbolises in my fanfic-Universe health and vitality, that gives the hero power to protect the world. I choose an apple, 'cause it's in my opinion a healthy and delicious food, that everyone has acces with. Also in illustrations apples are red. In this universe, red is the color of courage, an importent characteristic of a superhero ;)

Above right:
-Black Dragon aka Crona from Soul Eater and Silver Moonnight aka Luna (a sailor moon inspired girl) (mighty guardians of the dark)
Underneath: Aqua Wave (Water), Sky Wing (Air) aka female Sky Trainer, Cupid Amor (Love) aka La, the ghost girl from the Sonic the Wherehog animation ;) (she seemed suitable for me)

Middle left:
The Magic Hero Kids (a superhero group of kids) with Red Dragonfire aka Red from Pokémon, Blue Oceanwave aka Danny from Sonic X, Yellow Thunderbolt aka Hazuki Fujiwara from Ojamajo Doremi, Green Spike aka Gary MOTHERF*CKING Oak, Pink Blossomstorm aka Will from W.I.T.C.H. and Peach Peace (an orange Magical Girl)
Underneath: Shadow Phantom (a mysterious dude who can see ghosts and interacts with them) with his sidekick and best bud' Spooky (a Gengar)

Middle right:
-The Magic Hero Teens (new members of the more grown-up version of the magic hero kids) with Blaze & Silver from Sonic Team, Scarlet Witch from Marvel, Indigo Knight aka Calem from Pokémon with a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, D.Va's mascot bunny and Beat from Jet Set Radio
Underneath: The Ranger Squad (based on Pokémon Rangers) with Meiko, Kaito, Rin and Len from Vocaloid

Underneath left:
-Marisa Kirisame (a human girl with magical powers)
-Flandre Scarlet (a vampire who like to hunt witches just for fun)
-Mermalodia aka Ariel (a Mermaid, princess of the sea and part-time superhero underwater)

Underneath right:
The Jewel Warriors aka the protagonists of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Brendan and May. Brendans pseudonym is Omega Runy (like the remakes' name lol) and I'm sure you can guess May's preudonym by your self ;)

If you are unsure about something, or I didn't explained stuff clear enough, feel free to ask me and leave a comment. Also critique, advise, spelling corrections etc. are also very welcome.

Pew! You really must have nerves of steel, lots of endurance or just too much time to get this far with reading XD

Or you just....skipt? Ok.

Anyway, enough writing for today, more information coming soon.


Soul Eater belongs to Atsushi Okubo
Sonic the Hedgehog and NiGHTS belong Sonic Team
Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, MEIKO and Kaito belong to SEGA/Vocaloid
Ojamajo Doremi and Pretty Cure belong to Izumi Todo
W.I.T.C.H. and Ariel belong to Disney
Disney belongs to Walt Disney
Pokémon belongs to GAME FREAK/Nintendo
Flandre Scarlet and Marisa Kirisame belong to Touhou Project
Imagni/U.V. NiGHTS belongs to Lynne Triplett
Miss Magic belongs to me, altough her outfit is inspired by Minnie Mouse

Thank God The writing is finally over *sigh*! Oh wait....I have to choose tags and categories too? Aw sh*t!


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Annahita Javdani
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My name is Annahita, but you can call me Anni or Pokehita (your choice).
I live in Hamburg, Germany.
I use to draw since i was 2 years old and it's still my biggest passion. I mostly do fanarts and fanfiction (don't worry, not THAT kind of fanfiction).
I'm also a huge fan of Anime, Manga, Games, Japanese fashion (more the cute direction) and cartoons, which shows itself a lot in my drawingstyle. Now I'm here to share all my work with you and so happy to be here, 'cause when i was young, there's no other website i visited the most (next to youtube) than deviantart :)
I hope you enjoy my artworks and my fanfiction lines :)

But don't expect me to be highly active on this account. I'm only posting stuff, when i WANT to, so you have to be a little bit patient.

Any way, see ya!
You're always welcome here (i has kukeez :P)

Anni-Chan or Pokehita


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